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The Cosmetic Effects of Vents and Cold Slug Wells

The Problem – Molded Parts were rejected due to Appearance issues. Visible defects in the molded parts.

The Solution – MPP knows what it takes to build a mold that produces quality, precise, and visually acceptable parts

  • MPP received E.C to a tool that we did not build.
  • The previous mold maker did not put vents or cold slugs in the mold resulting in unsatisfactory parts. The parts were rejected due to appearance.
  • They were glossy and had shiny spots with lots of splays that resembled cracks and flow lines.
  • Due to this, our customer was not able to produce parts for his customer in the timeframe they were expecting.
  • MPP took the tool and added these items, improving the mold's performance, and were able to mold acceptable/approved parts
  • We completed this project in less than 7 days
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Mold-Before Cold Slug
Mold-Before Vents
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