A Full Range of Plastic Injection Mold Services

At MPP,  plastic injection mold making is the core of what we do. To support our injection mold making efforts, we also provide a full range of support services, including laser welding, mold repair and pickup-and-delivery. All services are performed in-house by our trained staff to ensure fast turnaround for customers. All services adhere to our strict quality standards.  All services are guaranteed.


Injection Mold Making

Injection mold making is at the heart of what we do at MPP. It's where we got our start, it's how we made our name and it's what we do best. We have been making custom injection molds for 30 years. Our mold builders have a combined century of mold building experience. Rest assured, if it's a plastic part, we can make a mold for it, if we haven't already.

Along with experience, we have a reputation for tackling tough assignments and getting them done on time and on budget. We are pioneers in the creation of two-shot molds, having developed some of the very first two-shot molds in the industry back when everyone else thought it was impossible. 

We are versatile, too. Our mold makers create custom molds for all kinds of industries — automotive, medical, agricultural and others. Our master craftsmen are backed by the latest technology, equipment and training, which we invest in significantly each year.

We also provide superior customer service. We pick up and deliver molds anywhere in the country, saving you the time, hassle and inconvenience.

With all these advantages at your disposal, why would you choose anyone other than MPP for mold building?


Injection Mold Preventive Maintenance & Repair

As expert injection mold makers, we are highly skilled at preventive maintenance and repair. Who better to keep things running than the guys who built it, right?

Let's face it. Molds take a daily pounding. It's natural and inevitable that the wear-and-tear eventually takes its toll, necessitating regular maintenance to keep production going or, in the worst cases, to fix molds that have stopped functioning. 

Our team handles it all. For preventive maintenance, we do full mold teardowns and cleaning. For repairs, we restore your mold to its original print tolerances. From sheared ejector pins to crashed core pins to seized slides, we fix it all. Worried about the appearance of a repair? Our weld and paint teams make it so nobody even knows a repair was made.

Here's one other thing that makes MPP different: When maintenance or repair is needed, our in-house delivery service retrieves the mold from your location, brings it to our shop where we do the work, then we return it to you, often within a matter of days or hours.

How many other mold builders do that?

Prototype Molds

Prototype Injection Molds

We are a leader in rapid prototype injection molding for all types of industries and applications. Our expertise in manufacturability and materials allows us to produce prototype molds that will work in the real world.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a bold idea or an established firm testing a new product, our prototype mold capabilities  can help you validate designs.

Prototyping offers many advantages. You receive interactive design for manufacturability feedback to make early adjustments before prototyping begins. You can then work with our design engineers to discuss any design challenges and manufacturing questions that arise.

With our prototyping, you can have physical prototypes in hand within days to quickly modify designs during early product development.

We can also produce multiple prototypes at the same time to compare and iterate designs simultaneously. You can test the form and fit of components with small quantities of molded parts.


In-House Engineering & Design

All good molds begin with a well-engineered design. At MPP, our in-house designers combine an understanding of manufacturing, machine controls, metallurgy and plastics to develop mold designs for parts you are assured can be manufactured.

Not to brag, but our Design for Manufacturing (DFM) skills are recognized throughout the industry. We regularly have existing and potential customers contact us. We have helped clients save thousands of dollars and hours with our suggestions and recommendations. 

From full mold design to engineering changes to updates resulting from product changes, we do it all. And we  provide fast turnaround. In some cases, minor engineering changes can be completed in a matter of hours.

There's nothing we can't engineer. Our experienced designers tackle the toughest assignments, from two-shot molds to two-stage slides and everything in between, delivering the high quality our customers have come to expect, recognize and appreciate.

Injection Mold Laser Welding

Laser Welding

Welding is an art and a science. At MPP, we do both exceedingly well. Our welding services stand out in several ways. 

First, we are one of the few injection mold shops to perform in-house welding. Many others job out welding. We do not. From our perspective, in-house welding in-house is just as important as machine building. For example, for something like a damaged mold core block, our inhouse capabilities let us get it done in hours rather than days.

Another way we exceed: we employ more in-house welders than others. Whereas other shops might have a single welder, we have three full-time professionals. They have a many years of experience in MIG and TIG laser welding. Having three welders means we are able to start on jobs quickly to provide fast turnaround. Whereas building a new mold to replace a damaged one can shut down a production for weeks, weld repairing a mold can reduce the downtime from weeks to days. 

Worried about the appearance of your repaired mold? Don't. Our welders and finishers are so detail-oriented you will not even know a weld has been made. Our welds are clean and smooth, and our paint team produces flawless finishes.  

Want proof of our welding abilities? Our weld team is so highly regarded we are able to offer our welding services to other mold makers who do not have the ability in-house. When your peers hire you, you know you are good. 

Injection Mold Pick Up and Delivery

Pick Up and Delivery

What happens when one of your molds needs maintenance or repair and it needs to be sent out for service? Who transports it?

Even a small mold can weigh several tons. Shipping something that heavy can cost thousands of dollars and take several days to schedule via a third-party transporter. 

Luckily for MPP customers, we have our own pick up and delivery service to save you the time, hassle and cost.

Our fleet of vehicles can retrieve your mold from anywhere, any time of day or night. We have no distance limitations. We have traveled to Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Georgie, Pennsylvania and Ohio to retrieve molds. And then delivered them back when finished.

Our trucks go out everyday delivering new molds and picking up or deliverering repaired molds

We transport molds up to 18,000 pounds. 


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